“I have a problem with the Sexism in the Bible”

A very dear friend of mine said that to me one evening.   We were sitting by a lake in a desert.   She knew that I was one of “those people,” but we were good enough friends that she could tell me what she was really thinking.   She covered everything that she really thought about Christianity in one single sentence saying, “I have a problem with the sexism in the Bible.”   Then she looked at me with those eyes of anticipation waiting for me to defend “the faith.”   She was not expecting my reply,

“Well then if that is the case, and if you are curious about what the New Testament says with that issue aside, you could always read it in Classical Armenian.   The first Bible ever translated from the Greek into another language was neither Latin nor English.   It was Armenian.   The Armenians of the 5th century who worked on the project were bilingual in Greek.  They knew the language extremely well.  They had first-hand knowledge of Greek as a trade language.   In old Armenian, biblical Armenian, grammatical gender was removed by the 5th century.   Matthew 5: 29, “If your right eye offends you remove it.”   It is a very unique experience reading the Lord’s Prayer in a Indo-European language that was written down in the 5th century that had no grammatical gender.   It is like going back 1600 years in the past so that you can turn around and look back 2500 years into the future.  In a 5th century sort of way, some people might call that uniquely progressive, if not some kind of weird space travel.”

Armenian Priests

Matt 6:9, “Հայր մեր որ յերկինս ես … ”

(Hayr mer vor herkins yes … )
(Father our in heaven is.)

It is very unique.  It places Father at the front and “exists” at the end of the sentence, making the “be” emphatic.   It is almost as if they felt they needed to “clean up” the Greek.




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